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The Internet of things industry has the attributes of the Internet: 1) giants like Apple, Google, and Xiaomi are using the Internet model to create an Internet of things ecosystem. 2) the growth of IoT hardware is explosive: penetration will grow faster than traditional hardware such as smartphones and per capita demand will increase from one to many; IoT hardware will have social properties and grow like a virus. 3) Internet of things to hardware, insurance, security, and other industries to bring a new profit model, subsidies to stimulate downstream demand.

Internet of things hardware market space, sub-domain business models are different. SEGMENT BUSINESS MODEL: 1) general consumer with fashion industry characteristics, hardware and operation and maintenance services to achieve profitability; 2) medical devices from patients, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies to make profits; 3) smart home category through hardware direct profit, hardware and operation and maintenance services and platform fees in three ways to profit; 4) game type of hardware and virtual consumption can obtain income; 5) car class through precision marketing and insurance company subsidies to profit; 6) smart community, industrial traceability also have different profit models.

The demand for core components is special: different hardware meets the different needs of users, and therefore requires different core components. IoT hardware has high requirements for low power consumption, miniaturization, data acquisition, connectivity, etc. , this has led to significant demand for upstream MCU, SIP, FPC, Bluetooth, MEMS, photoacoustics, NFC, lithium-ion polymer batteries, etc.

Internet of things hardware has internet industry characteristics

The Internet of things will be the next growth driver for the electronics and technology industry as a whole, after smartphones. The Internet of things includes wearable, smart home, car electronics, and many other categories, and applied in a variety of different fields. Demand for related Lithium Polymer IoT batteries is rising.

1.1 giants use the Internet model to create an Internet of things ecosystem

The Internet of things tests the company’s overall competitiveness in the hardware supply chain, user base and platform operations services.

1.1.1 apple’s hardware based system extends users to the Internet of things

Apple’s business model is to start with laying out the hardware, build a hardware and software ecosystem, gain access to a wide range of iOS users, and then expand into the IoT industry chain based on the iOS platform that has already been rolled out.

The software and hardware ecosystem is complete: whether it’s an iPhone, iPod, iPod touch or IPAD, apple’s hardware products have always been sought after by consumers, and Apple has excellent hardware supply chain management capabilities that enable it to build relevant, relevant product chains, and the ability to control the industrial chain. In addition, Apple has built the best-integrated ecosystem of hardware and software through iTunes and the APPSTORE.

Platform-based on hardware standards: Apple Develops Smart Hardware based on high-quality users, but the profit model is not limited to selling hardware. Apple develops a business model based on smart hardware standards, platforms, and data. For example, apple promotes CarPlay on the iPhone and HealthKit on the Apple Watch. Apple’s market model for the smart home is to build a platform to attract Honeyville, Philips, Haier, and other manufacturers of smart, home hardware access and control the HomeKit platform.

1.1.2 Google’s move from data to hardware is disruptive

Google’s core competitiveness lies in its data capabilities, huge data centers, and advanced data processing capacity that is unmatched by other companies. In addition, Google is using XLab to proactively lay out a number of disruptive technologies.

Google’s path from software to hardware has not been smooth, starting with its own development of Google glass and a variety of smart home products, such as the smart meter platform, GOOGLE TV, NexusQ, [ email protected ], etc. Google has since acquired smart hardware companies, such as Nest, a Smart Thermostat and smart fire alarm company, for $3.2 billion in early 2014, and Dropcam, a home camera provider, for $550 million. Both companies are using consumer-friendly smart items as a smart home entry point, and Google can help Nest and Dropcam better exploit data value to complement each other’s strengths.

1.1.3 XIAOMI’s active deployment of IoT ecosystem

Xiaomi is a prime example of the rapid rise of smart hardware, which has benefited from a strong Internet mind set, a fanatic phone and a unique fan culture, from supply chains to channels to cloud services. But after each big giant layout IoT direction, the millet is unwilling to lag behind actively follows.

XIAOMI’s business model for developing IoT hardware is to work strategically with potential start-ups, primarily to invest in expansion. Xiaomi plans to invest in 100 companies in five years to replicate the Xiaomi model, with the goal of quickly laying out the Internet of things and the industrial chain. So far, Xiaomi has laid out smart bracelets, smart sockets, air purifiers, smart homes, and more.

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In the next article, we’ll update you on the explosive growth of the Internet of things.

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