DC 9065113 2P 5V 20000mAh battery pack


The 953860 is a DC 5V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can quickly be integrated into a wide range of smart tablets. The battery comprises a single prismatic cell in a 1-series, 2-parallel configuration. An integrated battery protection circuit board (PCB) provides protection against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and short-circuit. It takes a 5V booster voltage PCB.

Product Type

5V lipo battery

Model number


Voltage (Nominal)


Capacity (Nominal)




Constant Discharge Current


Working Temperature

charge: 0-45℃; discharge: -20-60℃

Details about DC 9065113 2P 5V 20000mAh battery pack

Product description

Li-ion polymer battery has many own advantages, like variable size, lightweight, high safety, high energy density, no memory effect, and so on.

Size, voltage, capacity, rated power, temperature……can be customized; PCB, wires, connector,…can be assembled. Contact us now!

Product features

  • Lithium polymer battery has high energy density.
  • Long cycle life of charge&discharge.
  • Enhanced safety parameters with Japan SEIKO PCB &MOS protectors.
  • Support OEM&ODM service for customize size.
  • Can be assembled with pointed connectors(JST, Molex, HRS, and so on).

Product details


Basic Information

Battery Dimension( thickness*width*length)19.0±0.2*65±0.5*116±0.5mm
Charge voltage5V
Nominal voltage5V
Nominal capacity20000mAh
Fully charge voltage5V
Ship out voltage4.5-4.8V
Battery specificationCharge currentStandard Charging:2A
Rapid charge:3A
Charging methodCharge with constant current 0.2c to 4.2V, then charge with constant voltage 4.2v till until charge current is less than 0.01C
Standard discharge current2A
Max.discharge current3A
Discharge cut-off voltage5V
Operating environmentCharging:0℃~45℃
Storage temperatureless than one month -20℃~40℃; less than half year -20℃~30℃
 Cycles500 times
Warranty12 months
WarningDo not overcharge, force charge, short circuit, disassemble, deform, heat, or place the battery near a direct flame. Any of the above actions could cause it to ignite, explode or become damaged.
Keep this battery out of the reach of children.
When storing the battery or throwing it away, be sure to cover it with tape.
Main FeaturesThin format, lightweight, flat size, and flexibility in design.
Easily customized, Energy density, High capacity.
ApplicationsSmart wearable devices: smart watches, smart glasses, smart clothes, smart shoes, smart mask.
Electric tools: saws, electric drill, electric toys, remote control devices.
Medical devices: portable electronic medical devices, hearing aids, electric wheelchairs.
Beauty and bluetooth device: electronic beauty, hairdresser, bluetooth headset, loudspeaker.

Product assemble

9065113 DC 5V battery


  1. Advanced automatic equipment production.
  2. Mass production with international certifications.
  3. Importantly 100% inspection before shipment.
  4. Professional R&D center to cooperate with specification, proofing process and free samples.
  5. Excellent service system to respond quickly for your questions and provide solution.

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