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ISO9001 Certified Factory

VATS Battery is the leading lithium battery manufacturer in China. Our lipo battery factory was established in 2011, with advanced battery manufacturing equipment, battery testing devices, and R&D department. In 2016, we established an overseas sales department in Shenzhen China. In 2021, we added a new factory to meet expansion needs. Now, as the company continues to develop and grow, our output of lipo battery reaches 500,000 pcs/day, having strong cooperation with customers from 30+ countries every single year.

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Excellent Service System

VATS Battery Service: We do full inspection before shipment.

Customized Service: We control the whole process of battery manufacturing, including from incoming raw material, mixing to packing, We have an excellent R&D department, which can help you develop a new size, shape, temperature, high rate discharge, etc according to your demands.

Excellent After-sales Service: All of our after-sale staff are experts in the lithium battery industry, we would like to help you with the problems of battery manufacturing.

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How Our Customers Feel About Us

"VATS BATTERY is one of the best I have dealt with in all my 32 years doing business in China, they are an amazing business partner, amazing efficient service from this supplier time and time again. Batteries is good as always, and they attention details, they never let you down "
Steven Stone
Managing Director

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Solution That Works For You

You know? Many of our customers shared with us they faced problems of bought batteries in previous. Like:

  • Battery low voltage when use several times.
  • Battery deformation and gas expansion.
  • Terminal wires easy fall off from battery.
  • Slow reply respond to support datasheet.

If you ever experienced the situation, contact us, we can provide your excellent service solution.

Strict Test System

Strict supplier evaluation, strict production process control, strict shipping inspection standard, complete test and inspection equipment.

Complete Service System

Fast project evaluation, innovative customization design, shortest samples delivery, fast mass production delivery.

The Valued & Trusted Partners We Work With

In fact, many industry leading companies already work with us, such as media speaker industry, digital product industry, camera industry, E-cigarette industry, smart wearable product industry……

Professional Manufacturing of


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