Japan company Invest Smart Face Mask Against New Coronavirus

Smart Mask

The spread of the epidemic, so that masks become a daily necessity of life, but also let many companies see a business opportunity. Donut Robotics recently unveiled a smart mask called C-face smart mask.

The mask is slightly different from a normal mask. It has a built-in microphone and carries a variety of applications. It is understood that c-mask currently carries three main functions. This kind of smart mask, it is usually powered by a small polymer battery, which can be easily and quickly recharged by a charger.

1. Bluetooth connects c-mask to a mobile phone or tablet, converts speech into text, and amplifies the user’s voice. Microphones are designed to help people communicate more smoothly and to make it easier to maintain social distance. It is said that the mask can not directly isolate the new coronavirus, but can be worn on a medical mask, will not affect the isolation virus.

2. Via Bluetooth to connect with a mobile phone, Japanese can be translated into 8 languages including Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and French.

3. Meeting record functions.

With a special APP, you can also make phone calls, send text messages, hold meetings, video and other functions.

At present, the Bluetooth chip of the smart mask can be connected to the mobile phone as far as 10 meters away. Combined with the “three-code” advocated currently, this mask can be said to be in line with the current environment. In many cases, such as face-to-face, c-mask can play its true role.

The company’s focus on robotics and software development has also been put on hold by the outbreak, along with the translation that was to be built into the robot.

The new coronavirus pandemic has brought tremendous impact and influence to the global economy. DONUT Robotics engineers looked for products to help the company through the outbreak and came up with the idea of developing “smart masks” .

“We’ve been working on a robot for years and [ Now ] we’ve used it to create a product that responds to a new coronavirus and reshapes social life, ” said Taisuke Ono, chief executive of Donut Robotics.

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We’ve also been working hard, and we have a variety of polymer batteries models with certifications, to help our customers use in social distance trackers, electric masks, and many other anti-epidemic products.

Recently, in order to help employees return to work safely, the Global Technology Company “Magic Power” , developed a thermal detection camera, close contact tracking software, non-contact elevator buttons and ultraviolet germicidal lamp and other anti-epidemic products.

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