How to charge lipo batteries

Lithium Polymer batteries have no memory effect and are activated when they leave the factory. So, it’s exactly the same for a battery when you charge it at half capacity as it was when you charge it at half capacity, because batteries used to have a memory effect when they were charged at half capacity, next time the battery won’t work when it’s half full, it has to be recharged. But there is no need for polymer batteries for new batteries.

We often have a misunderstanding in the use of battery products, often think that the number of battery use is certain. For example, the polymer battery is used 300 times, you may always use up the electricity of the electronic products and then recharge, it seems that this is the most effective use. However, the battery life depends on how well you use it. If your battery lasts 300 cycles, it can last 700 to 800 if you use it properly. The correct way to use is not to charge too long, in the use of low power, you can charge immediately, and do not wait until it automatically shut down or even automatically shuts down after not charging. If there is no protection circuit that may be charged, if there is no protection circuit that has not worked, that is to say, the electricity has not been charged.

Is the charger equipped with a charge protection circuit? You can’t tell by the look of it, so the best, and safest, thing to do is to charge it for no more than six hours. If you go out to play, six hours can be assured to use, if normal use, charge 3 hours can be. The best way to use a seat charger is to use the original charger, otherwise it will damage the battery and affect its life. An hour or two after the green light is on is enough for the first few charges, although the charge time will vary depending on the current level of your charger and the capacity of your battery, not the longer the better, not only will this do little to activate the battery, but it will affect its life, and in serious cases, it will damage the machine or even explode.

In general, don’t buy into the myth of the first three charges in 12 hours, don’t be afraid to discharge them, and don’t overemphasize the fact that the battery life of electronics is very long, otherwise it will only backfire. The green light is not a basis to check whether the battery is really full or not, the green light is only an indication, the true full or not lies in the control and judgment of the battery charging process. Still have to choose the brand battery with outstanding quality, choose the capacity some bigger, use recharging battery to want to notice fireproof. Last but not least, it is important to use the battery when it is fully charged. If the battery is fully charged, leaving the battery idle is also a great “damage” to the battery. It is difficult for the battery to preserve the electrolyte, and once the electrolyte solidifies, it is impossible to “activate” it.

Polymer batteries do not need deep charge deep, polymer battery life is to see the charging cycle.

Normally just (battery capacity / power output current + 1 hour) is the normal charging time.

For example, the 3200mah battery, the standard power supply is 1A, that is, only 4.2 hours to charge. Actually use to see some customer evaluation is indeed charged to 4 hours or so screen display full. Overcharge is harmful to the battery, especially if the battery has no protection plate.

The deep discharge of the lithium battery has a great impact on the battery life, it is best to use the remaining 15% of the time to charge.

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