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We stepped into the field of lithium polymer battery early, after continuous efforts, formed own unique technical characteristics, a series of advanced automatic production equipment and complete testing equipment, with abundant technical force and quality supervision team, we won lots of patents and international certifications. Now we increased our supply of li-ion battery, lifepo4 battery and portable power supply.

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Lithium battery is a accessories of your product, no need special design, while plays a very important role, as quality great influence your brand.

We have a thorough quality control process to ensure everything is checked and approved before leaving our factory. We will make feel ease by our worry-free services by our proactive team. Any challenges on purchasing lithium batteries in China? Contact VATS BATTERY, and it’s just a matter of give and make.

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Our extensive ODM capability will allow you to customize different size, shapes, voltage, capacity, charge &discharge current, high or low temperature...

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After gather information, our engineers will evaluate and make datasheet, make everything is correct before samples and mass production.

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There is always a suitable way for you, by express, by sea, by air, by road, by railway, we provide you one-stop service, save your time.
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