Can lithium polymer battery life be extended by reducing the number of charge times?

The current capacity loss of Polymer lithium-ion batteries is calculated by the number of “cycles” of charge, which are calculated as a cumulative percentage of each battery discharge as a single charge cycle, that is to say, battery capacity from 0% to 100% will be counted as a charge cycle if from 50% to full charge, this can only be counted as a half charge cycle, not a charge is a cycle, so, do not have to wait until the power is low again to charge, try to make the battery as shallow as possible.

Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect and can be charged at any time. In order to reduce the charge times, the lithium-ion batteries are deliberately used up and then recharged. This method is extremely wrong. It can not prolong the battery life, but has a negative impact on the battery life.

In fact, lithium battery charging pay attention to “eat less often” , frequent shallow charge and discharge more help to extend its life.

Proper charging of Old Polymer Lithium batteries:

1. Charging method

Note that the old batteries we’re talking about here are those that have been recharged and discharged many times, not those that have been scrapped. We mentioned earlier that the life of polymer lithium battery is independent of the number of charge and discharge, because it has no memory effect, no matter how charged, will not affect the number of charge cycle. So do not use the battery to completely do not charge, it is best when you can charge, as far as possible to charge the battery, charging time to 2-3 hours is appropriate, do not recommend a long time to charge or overnight.

2. Charging voltage

Polymer lithium battery safe working voltage range is 2.8 to 4.2 v, below or above this voltage range, the lithium ion battery will become very unstable, or even cause accidents. To keep the battery in a safe range, you need to use the original charger, which will automatically adjust the charging mode according to the current state of the battery.

3. Charging tools

Polymer lithium battery in charge to use a special charger, it can ensure the safety of charging. When the charger works, it charges the battery with a constant current. With the increase of the battery voltage, the charger also increases the charging voltage to accelerate the charging speed. When the battery reaches the cut-off Voltage of 4.2 v, the battery is only about 70% charged (not full) . At this point the charger is a constant voltage, gradually reducing the current of the battery to continue to charge, when the value of less than 0.1 a charge is still detected when the battery voltage continues to rise before stopping charging.

4. Charge regularly

Long-term unused polymer lithium-ion batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place in a semi-electric state. Full battery storage is dangerous and battery damage, and non-battery storage, it will cause irreversible damage to the battery, and loss of effectiveness. In the storage process, but also every 3 to 6 months, the completion of a charging cycle, do a power calibration.

Therefore, in our daily use of polymer lithium battery products, it may be several times to complete a cycle. The battery capacity decreases a little with each charge cycle, but don’t worry, the reduction is very, very small. In addition, some people say that playing while charging does great harm to li-ion batteries. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. When a li-ion product is charged while playing, the amount of electricity consumed is not the amount of battery power, but the amount of electricity charged, therefore, when playing while charging, the lithium battery is idle state, will not cause harm.

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